Ever seen the lights below while landing on a runway?

runway with PAPI lights

PAPI stands for Precission Approach Path Indicator and will help the pilot during the landing. The PAPI lights are in most cases 4 lights which are located parallel to the runway. If you have done the Nice landing challenge in Flight Simulator 2020 you have seen them on the left side of runway 22R. The PAPI lights will tell the pilot if the altitude of the aircraft in relation to the runway and will help the pilot to ensure he/she is still following the ideal approach path. Using the PAPI lights the pilot can determine if he/she is to high, the altitude is correct or to low:

  • 0 lights: too high
  • 1 light: slightly high
  • 2 lights: on glide slope (correct hight
  • 3 lights: slightly low
  • 4 lights: too low

So now if you see them in Flight Simulato 2020 you know what those lights are and how you can use them.

Happy flying!