In this how to we are going to look how we can configure our flight plan manually in our navigation system from our Cessna 172. Our Cessna 172 is parked at one of the parking spots at Rotterdam The Hague Airport which is a medium sized airport located near Rotterdam in the province Zuid-Holland in The Netherlands.

Normally you would probably plan your flight using the build-in flight planner from Flight Simulator 2020 but in this how to we will configure the flight plan manually. Before going to the airplane we need to identify the route we want to fly by using one of the online tools available. In this case we will use which is a free tool which can be used to plan a sim flight. Route being configure will be from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to Ameland Airport.

The waypoint we are going to use in our flight plan are:

  • EHRD
  • EHAL

Below you can see an image of our route

Flight plan EHRD to EHAL

Now the waypoints we can go to the aircraft and use Garmin G1000 to set the flight plan in the system.